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Items We Cannot Move

Items We Cannot Move

Packing flammable articles can cause explosion or fire.

Heat from the sun can raise temperatures inside a closed moving van to more than 150 degrees. To reach their destination, vans often travel through warm climates or high altitudes (both dangerous to pressurized containers). Even in the middle of winter, heat builds up inside. Many common items including aerosol hair spray or cleaning products can trigger an explosion or fire that can destroy your possessions when packed inside a van.

While our drivers are trained not to pack or load any articles which may be explosive, you are responsible for ensuring that such items are not a part of your shipment. For your own safety, make sure that no member of your family packs these items in a container to be moved. Replacing a can of hair spray is much easier than replacing all of your belongings.

For the safety of your belongings, review the following list and eliminate all dangerous items prior to packing:

Any aerosol can including, but not limited to:

  • ​Hair spray 
  • ​ Shaving cream
  • ​ Deodorants
  • ​ Insecticides
  • ​ Cleaning products
  • ​ Spray paint
Other flammable products:
  • ​ Oil-based paints
  • ​ Gasoline
  • ​ Kerosene
  • ​ Naptha
  • ​ Tar remover
  • ​ Paint thinners
  • ​ Turpentine
  • ​ Lacquer remover
  • ​ Mineral spirits
  • ​ Bleach
  • ​ Muriatic acid
  • ​ Auto batteries
  • ​ Propane in tanks
  • ​ Oxygen in tanks
  • ​ Lighter fluid
  • ​ Matches
  • ​ Ammunition
  • ​ Chlorine granules or powder
  • ​ Any other type of combustible

In addition to aerosol and flammable products, you are also prohibited from placing perishable foods and/or live animals on the moving van or into storage.

If you have any questions regarding a particular product, ask your customer service agent or driver.

What can we help you find?

Moving companies will not take your plants on interstate moves. Some movers may consider plants on a short in-town move but you may need to make special preparations of the plants beforehand.
Use common sense when thinking about what to include in your international shipment. You should avoid perishable goods and anything that could leak during its journey,and cause significant damage to the articles surrounding it. You should NOT include the following: hazardous materials such as paint, matches, aerosol cans, gas canisters or other flammables materials such as wood, bricks, cement, rocks and soil of any type firearms and ammunition plants of any kind corrosives and explosives