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Pontiac Movers - Pontiac, MI Moving

It’s time to relocate to or from Pontiac, MI. Whether you love or dread the move, you need a moving company that will take the hassle out of the simple or complex task. We, at Palmer Moving Services, understand that moving isn’t a fun job for our clients. You often have other things to think about in addition to the move. For instance, you may be trying to enroll your children in school. Maybe you are juggling your business relocation and trying to store records.

Whatever you have going on, you need to devote your full attention to those tasks. It’s why Pontiac movers exist. We have the moving knowledge and skills to take the hassle out of moving for our clients.

Contact Us Regarding Your Move

You may be relocating your business or moving your household to another part of Pontiac. We are here to help you. For close to 100 years, Palmer Moving Services’ Pontiac movers has helped plenty of people complete a stress-free move.

Before your next move, complete the online form. You can also call us. We will provide you with a free estimate regarding your move or storage needs.

Palmer Moving Services is Your Pontiac Moving Solution

We are experienced in every type of move. If you don’t believe us, here’s a short sample of moving and storage services we provide:

  • International moves – We provide you with a full-service, overseas move.
  • Corporate relocation – We coordinate a relocation program that eases the stress on you and your employees.
  • Office relocation – We seamlessly move your office belongings with efficiency. You don’t have to worry about losing valuable business.
  • Computer relocation – We transport your computer equipment so you don’t have to worry about how to complete the job.
  • Offsite records management – We safely and securely keep your documents in our storage facility. This helps you make space in your business for the documents you need.

Hiring Palmer Moving Services

Hiring us starts with a call or completion of our online form. We will provide you with a free estimate that you can compare to our competitors. If you are move household belongings, high-value products or something in between, you need an experienced mover. You need Palmer Moving Services.

Palmer moving Services is a great company! There are some instances where a mistake or two is made during a move which is to be expected. We are all human and make mistakes. If its so easy to rent a uhaul and do it yourself why do people hire movers? Answer is because most people cant do this themse...