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Detroit Movers – Northwest Suburban Detroit, MI Moving

Detroit Movers - Northwest Suburban Detroit, MI Moving

For anyone in the N.W. Suburban Detroit area that’s looking for quality movers to help them make this whole process in their life easier, head right to us at Palmer Moving Services. We’re a company that has been aiding customers with their moving needs for close to 100 years. That means we have both the experience and expertise to help you like no other N.W. Suburban Detroit moving company can.

Why are we here at Palmer Moving Services so highly sought out? Well, it’s simple:

We actually value our customers and will do whatever necessary to show our appreciation. This is such a refreshing change from how most moving companies treat their customers.

We also offer a wide variety of services. Sure, we handle local moves, but we also deal with international relocation. Whether you need us to pack up your items or completely transport your materials to your new property, we’ve got you covered.

Opposed to other N.W. Suburban Detroit moving companies, we offer warehousing and distribution services, as well as records management and storage capabilities. Whatever you’re looking for, just let us know and we will be more than happy to make accommodations to meet your needs properly.

The way we treat our customers is completely unparalleled to any other company you’ll deal with. That’s why it should come as absolutely no surprise that so many of our customers turn to us over and over again when they need N.W. Suburban Detroit movers.

Other than repeat customers, we also experience a lot of customers who were brought to us through referrals. We feel that is a great way of determining exactly how well we’re connecting with our customers. That’s because if our customers believe that we are providing excellent service, they will have no problem spreading the word to all their loved ones. If we failed at our job, these customers would cut ties right there and then. We could not be any more grateful that our customers choose to do business with us.

Now that you know what our N.W. Suburban Detroit movers are offering, it’s time to get in touch. Simply call us at 1-586-834-3400 to request an in-home estimate. Don’t waste your time working with companies that will let you down. Instead, come to the best here at Palmer Moving Services.

Had a great time when I was there thought a lot of the people and the place thought I found a home for life, not sure what happened at the end for the life of me cannot figure it out still think highly of the people and the place nothing I can do to fix it don't know what went wrong