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Palmer Moving Services provides many services for our corporate clients in need of office moving services. We execute office moves with proficiency and the expertise needed for a streamlined and successful process. From policy management to furniture installation, we manage every aspect of your office move, ensuring a stress-free and well-handled experience.

As part of our office moving services, we provide you with many tools to assist throughout the process. From a moving checklist to office moving tips, Palmer Moving Services offers many resources that are useful in every stage of an office relocation. We are the one source for a customized office move any time, anywhere in the world.

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  • ​ Office relocation doesn’t have to halt productivity at your company. We are experts at managing an office relocation that caters to your needs and budget while minimizing downtime.
  • ​ Office Installation – Our professionals have the competency to install modular office furniture and systems during an office relocation. We are the experts when it comes to office installation and the rest of the services needed during relocation.
  • ​ Office Moving Checklist – This checklist will help you with every stageof an office move, from choosing a mover to final touches. Palmer’s office moving checklist will help you get organized for a well-planned relocation.
  • ​ Office Moving Tips – Our office moving tips are useful tools that address what needs to be done in preparation for the move and while the move is in progress.
  • ​ Office Moving Glossary – Palmer’s glossary of terms will familiarize you with words and phrases you should know for an office relocation.
  • ​ Office Moving FAQ – Our comprehensive FAQ will answer many of the questions you may have regarding office relocation.
Palmer Moving Services is a proud member of the Office Moving Alliance (OMA).

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