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Office Relocation FAQ

Office Relocation FAQ

This is my first move, how can you help me plan?

We will assign an experienced Project Manager to work with you and your staff throughout the planning and operations stages of the project. In meetings prior to the actual moving, our Project Manager and our move team will help plan all aspects of the project in detail and educate your personnel as to their roles.

What is your "estimating" process?

We first have one of our Account Managers visit your space to determine your needs. We then prepare a comprehensive proposal detailing what we will do, when we will do it and the cost. Our Account Manager will present the proposal to you and answer any questions. Once you have determined we are your best choice, the Account Manager will bring in the Project Management Team to solidify planning the relocation.

Do you move companies on the weekend?

Yes, many of our relocations happen after-hours, either evenings or weekends. Total cost will be lower and the impact on your business will be minimal.

Is it more expensive to move after-hours?

No, it’s actually cheaper. We do charge more on an hourly basis, but the efficiency of not competing for loading space and elevators keeps the cost down.

Do you move PC's?

Yes, in fact, we not only move them, we now help approximately 60% of our customers with disconnecting and reconnecting the PC’s, allowing our clients IT staff to concentrate on the overall system.

Can you move our data center/server room?

Yes, we plan the relocation of this time sensitive equipment to minimize downtime. Frequently, we provide a special crew and a “hot truck” to complete the movement of this delicate equipment both efficiently and safely.

We recently purchased a number of flat screen monitors, can you handle them safely?

Yes, we have developed a system to first bubble wrap the monitors and move them in a computer bin with dividers keeping the flat screens immobile during transport.

Can you help with moving our existing systems (modular) furniture?

Yes! We can complete the disassembly and reassembly of virtually all makes of systems furniture. An install supervisor will be part of our Move Team.

We are buying furniture for our new office, what is to be done with the existing furniture?

You can store it in one of our warehouses. You can sell it to a used furniture dealer. You can donate it to charity. You can send it to a recycler or to a landfill. We can help with each.

We have classified material to move, how do you deal with secure files?

Working with your security staff, our Move Team establishes a schedule to move classified material meeting even the most stringent requirements. Normally, “line of sight” monitoring of the move together with your personnel accompanying the sealed, locked trucks is arranged.

How do you get the furniture in the right place in the new space?

Our on-site Project Manager (PM) will establish a labeling system to identify the office and even the exact placement of all items. Just prior to the move, the PM will placard the new space with floor plans for each office and directional signage allowing the efficient placement of all items.

Where do you get your labor? Are they trained?

Palmer sets the industry standard with our labor force. The key to our success is the fact that these regular part-time employees have been assimilated into our system through an on-going training program stressing proper moving procedures, packing techniques, and job safety. They are an integral part of our operation and are not casual or pick-up labor.