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Specialized Transportation and Logistics Solutions

Specialized Transportation and Logistics Solutions

Palmer Commercial Services offers the most comprehensive high-value products transportation and distribution services in the industry. We have a reputation built on honesty, integrity and a commitment to service excellence. Our specialty transportation, Michigan high-value shipping services and exceptional distribution offerings ensure the successful transport of your specialized products.

Palmer Commercial Services has supported the leaders in the communications, electronics, exhibits, logistics and consumer commodities industries for more than 50 years. Our specialty transportation, Michigan shipping for high-value and sensitive products is designed to best meet the needs of your commercial operations with efficiency and expertise.

We provide specialized transportation services for trade shows, exhibits and even the Detroit Auto Show. We are very diverse in our specialized transportation offerings, ensuring we can provide you with a solution for any of your transportation requirements. Our equipment and highly-trained professionals have the capacity to handle any size and scope of shipment, from massive museum exhibits to automobiles.

Do you need new business solutions to your logistics needs? We can offer comprehensive logistics solutions, specialized transportation and specialized fleets for your needs in the USA and Europe. Our processes are designed to strengthen your supply chain. Together, we can control costs and maximize services for you and to your customers, helping you create a distinct competitive advantage.

We offer company owned best-in-class facilities, fleet, equipment and industry recognized IT systems solutions for specialty transportation, Michigan high-value shipping and various distribution needs. Our experienced staff and their passion for flawless execution of every aspect of the specialty transportation industry is what differentiates Palmer Commercial Services as your premier partner. Contact the experts at Palmer today to arrange our specialty transportation services.