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Inventory Management

Inventory Management - Detroit, MI

Do you have products that you can’t keep track of? Are you tight on space? Then call Palmer Asset Management to arrange our Michigan asset management services. We will receive your goods or product, inspect for defects, inventory and store on our 28′ tall platform racks. For your needs in the Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor areas, our asset management services are unmatched.

When it comes time to ship your good or product, we can handle all the details, both big and small with our Michigan asset management services. In addition to our fleet, we have access to the vast network of Palmer Moving Services vehicles. This means we can marshal the resources necessary to perform any delivery, no matter the size, without the boxes leaving the Palmer Group Companies possession.

From records storage and excess inventory to furniture and pictures, we have asset management services for any product in the commercial world. Our Snap Tracker online inventory management system ensures you will know the status of your inventory at all times when in our possession. Our Snap Tracker system ensures the most effective and organized management of your assets, which you have convenient online access to at all times.

For unsurpassed Michigan asset management services, contact your professionals at Palmer Moving Services today. We can devise the solution to meet your needs, while simultaneously providing you with more space and time to manage other aspects of your business. You need a trusted provider of asset management, and there is no company more capable than Palmer Moving Services.