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Corporate Relocation - Reporting Services

Palmer Moving Services has been providing excellence in employee relocation services since 1910. We perform over 10,000 successful relocations each year and give our best effort to make every move a great experience for your employees and our valued customers.

We understand that the relocation provider you choose to handle your corporate transfers is a direct reflection of your company to its employees. Palmer works with each family and within the parameters of your relocation policy to find cost-saving solutions by the most efficient means possible. We arrange the Michigan corporate relocation services that meet your needs and keep you on budget.

Palmer cannot emphasize enough its commitment to quality performance. Every move is monitored and evaluated through our customized “Quality Initiative Program” to give you:

  • ​The best agent, driver and crew service.
  • ​The best agent partnership selections
  • ​The most comprehensive customer follow-up
  • ​Improved customer service

Palmer technology provides you with accurate, timely reports on every move we manage. We will help you keep accurate records of every detail of every move. Palmer’s online capabilities let you track each and every move from beginning to end and interface with your Palmer contacts and drivers.

The Palmer move process is a fully accessible and automated system that gives you:

  • ​Timely, consistent job tracking
  • ​Enhanced project management capabilities
  • ​All necessary support and relocation information
  • ​Outstanding performance and customer service