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Amended Buyer Options

Corporate Relocation - Buyer Value Options

We understand those needs and want to help you develop a program so you can offer these services on a one by one basis, or as a general rule in your company’s relocation policy. Let us help you determine what’s best and most cost efficient for your organization.

Our Amended and Buyer Value Options programs mean that both you and your employee spend less time working on the details of relocating, and more time on what’s important to the two of you – getting your employee settled in their new position!

In a Buyer Value Transaction, your employee establishes the home’s market value, with or without our assistance, and locates a buyer for their home, then brings the offer to us for processing. We then accept the offer, purchase the home from your employee and resell it to the new buyer, handling all of the paperwork.

In an Amended Value Transaction, your employee establishes the value of their home through a formal validation process, then they are tasked with locating a buyer for their home. At this time we also designate a date in the future where, if a buyer can not be found by the employee, we coordinate the purchase your employees home, for at least market value, if they fail to locate a bona fide buyer for their home.

If they find a buyer during the allotted time frame, we purchase the home from your employee, and resell it to the new buyer for their negotiated rate, handling all of the paperwork. If no buyer is found, we coordinate the purchase of the home for our pre-negotiated price.

Palmer offers a wide range of programs, which can be tailored specifically to your company and it’s transferee’s needs. Tell us your budget, geography, transferee volume and mortgage needs, and we’ll find a solution to fit your needs, contact us today at Palmer Moving Services.