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Moving Tips & Resources

With over 100 years of experience in the moving industry and the successful completion of over 10,000 moves each year, we know a thing or two about moving! There are many types of moves including both residential and business moves, not to mention where you are moving. You could be moving locallylong distance across the country, or even moving internationally to another country. Each type of move has it’s own unique process, planning needs, and move details you need to be aware of.
Our moving tips and resource area provides you with great information to help make your move a success, no matter the type or distance. Please explore the following areas of our moving resource guide to learn more:

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Generally customers tip between $20-$40 per mover.
Good question. Probably yes for in-town shorter moves. It is good to ask for long distance moves if your items will be transferred to another truck. This could increase the possibility of damage or loss
This is a personal decision. You might offer to buy pizzas. But all mover probably appreciate gatorade-type drinks or bottle water on hand
Ask for a written copy of the mover’s inventory list. Get contact information for your movers throughout the trip and provide them directions to your delivery location
Many movers will not move your live plants. In addition experts recommend you handle the packing and transport valuable and sentimental items, jewelry, medications and weapons, instead of sending them with movers.
Experts suggest packing a few boxes with stuff you’ll need soon after arrival, such as towels, sheets, and clocks. You should mark the boxes so you’ll know to unpack these first
Check with your moving company. Some movers may want to verify the contents of your boxes before loading.
Ask if they will put down floor covers, padding or what steps they plan to take to protect your walls and ceilings as they go. What if a light fixture or wall is damaged during loading or unloading?
Your move can still happen. Arrange to keep moving boxes covered if you are placing them outside in the rain. Furniture and electronics can be damaged by rain. Ask your mover for advice on how to protect them. Shrink wrap may be an option. Be careful of wet slippery surfaces inside and outside your home. Finally if lightening is in the area, take a break for everyone’s safety.
Yes. Consider taping down fiber board, cardboard or tarps or plastic sheeting to protect your floors from snowy boots. Be sure to shovel, salt and clear the path for your movers and a place to set down items outside. Instead of gatorade, consider offering coffee, hot chocolate or tea to keep your movers warmed up during their chilly day.
Experts suggest taking your pet with you in a vehicle when you actually move. But for moving day they suggest finding a reputable place to board them or let them play for the day. You may also be able to arrange for them to visit a friends house. What you don’t want is the pet getting in the way or escaping on moving day.
A few weeks before you move begin sorting out and getting rid of extra items. Return borrowed things. Visit for a list of recycling centers in your area.