For families, moving is always a little bit tougher than it is for singles. Everyone knows that moving with children can add some complications to your move. Pulling your kids out of school and the home they’ve lived in is always difficult, no matter how long they’ve called your current house their home. When a child has lived one place their whole life this becomes even more difficult, but no matter the situation, certain things make your house feel like home to your kids. This might be the neighbors they grew up with, friends down the street, their secret hiding places in the house, or the playset they’ve used since they were little.

A playset might not seem like something very important to you, definitely not as important as the size of your backyard or the amount of bedrooms in your home, but for your kids, it might be a different story. So the question then becomes this: is it worth it to move an old playset from one house to another? Or is it easier to just buy a new one for your new place? There are pros and cons to either choice, and we’ve compiled a list for you below to help you make this important decision.

Moving the Outdoor Playset

For the kids, moving an old playset will provide them with a sense of familiarity at their new home. It might provide you with one too! Your kids are leaving behind a lot though, maybe even things that you don’t recognize mean a lot to them, like their secret fort next to the garage or their favorite climbing tree. These are things they can’t have at your new home, and though they’ll find new hiding places and climbing trees, having their playset move with them will help them ease into the new surroundings after your move.

For you, the playset in your backyard may be bringing up your home-owners insurance. This could be a possible sore-spot with potential buyers, so bringing it with you might help you sell your house faster. Not to mention, your already used to paying that extra expense, so if it makes your kids happy and it helps sell your house quick, it might be worth it to move the old playset along with your other belongings.

The actual task of transporting an outdoor playset is the most difficult part of deciding to take it with you. If it’s a bigger playset, it may be expensive to move it if you have to hire help. It can be dangerous to move on your own if you need to disassemble and reassemble it, so taking all of this into consideration before making your choice is important.

Another issue can be having to figure out whether or not the old playset will work well in your new yard. You have to find out if it will fit and if it can coexist well with whatever is around it, like a pool, trees, shed, etc. You also have to take into consideration whether or not the new area will be as safe as where the playset was before. If you’re going from grass to pavement, it might not be the best idea to take the playset with you.

Leaving it Behind and Getting a New Outdoor Playset

There’s a chance you got your outdoor playset with the house you purchased. If this is the case, leaving it behind allows you to buy a new one that’s safer, newer, and has more features your kids will particularly enjoy. Not to mention, some buyers might one a playset at the house they move into, and if there’s already one this could be a reason for them to consider purchasing your house. If your playset doesn’t greatly increase the home owner’s insurance on your house, it could be a great bonus selling point for you.

It can cost a lot of money to buy a new playset, anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to more than one thousand, and that’s not including delivery or installation costs. If you bought your old playset a few years ago and you’re happy with it, it may be a better choice to just bring it along with you to your new home.

If your kids are getting older, they may like their old playset because they’re used to it, and it has a lot of memories. They might not want to play on a new playset, so if you buy one it might not end up being worth it for them. Talk to your kids and find out what makes the most sense: if they’d enjoy getting a new playset with fun new features, or if they’d get more use out of their old one. Figuring out what makes the most sense could save you from putting money into something that will seldom get used.

Whether or not you chose to pack up your old playset and bring it to your new homes, Palmer Moving has your back. We can transport any of your belongings safe and sound from one home to another, so call us today for a free quote! We’d love to work with you, and a trained specialist can answer any questions you may have about our services.