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Little Known (But Useful!) Packing Tips

Little Known (But Useful!) Packing Tips

Packing to move? Don’t go just yet! Here are some tips for packing when getting ready for a big move, both everyday household items and fragile goods. These ideas and more moving advice can be found at:, and

Art in Motion. Artwork merits its own sublist of moving and packing tips! For starters, wrap pictures in bubble wrap and place in a box, which should also be taped shut. Consider purchasing special cardboard protectors for extra-corner support of all picture frames. For mirrors, make a large, full-frame “X: out of masking tape for added stability before the bubble wrap and box procedure. Don’t lay pictures, mirrors or any artwork flat in the moving truck, keep them upright. If possible, place boxed artwork in between couch cushions or mattresses for extra protection. And have the family’s favorite oil painting professionally wrapped, as some wrapping material can stick to an oil painting’s surface.

Plasma TVs Need TLC. These high-ticket items should be packed in wooden crates or the original boxes they came in. Do NOT place plasma TVs flat, it could damage the screen.

Electronics Reassembly Packing Tip. If you’re not technologically inclined, take a photo of each electronic device’s cord assembly to remember how to put it all back together. Similarly, place the cords in plastic bags, and tape these to the back of the each electronic device to make sure cords don’t get mixed up or lost.

Valuables. Carry important papers, prescriptions, jewelry or other valuable items on your person. Do not entrust these to a mover. In fact, many moving companies won’t take valuables that are not insured.

Dishware Dos & Don’ts. Worried about packing dishes for moving? First wrap them in newspaper and then put a group of four or five in bubble wrap. Place snugly in a box, filling any loose sections with more packing paper to prevent movement. Remember, don’t pack dishes flat; Pack dishes upright, with plenty of cushioning on either side and above and below.this increases the likelihood of breakage.

Lights Out! Moving and packing tips often overlook this fact: remove light bulbs from all light fixtures, packing them securely in plastic bags. This way, if the bulb shatters, it won’t damage delicate lamp shades.

Keep Tabs on Knick Knacks. Wrap small, easy-to-miss items in bright-colored tissue paper so they stand out and aren’t thrown away by mistake.

Make Up Moving Tip. Packing tips for moving typically don’t include cosmetics, but makeup and other toiletries can be expensive to replace, so it’s worth the extra time to give these items some special care. Put extra cotton balls or padding in your powdered cosmetic products such as eye shadows and powders to prevent breakage. Cover open bottles of lotions, shampoos, etc., with plastic wrap and then put the cap back on. This will help prevent spillage. (Note: Check your moving agreement before you pack and move open toiletries, many movers won’t transport such items.)

Leave It Behind. Plants, flammable liquids, open bottles or food containers are a few of the items that many movers won’t transport. Read the fine print on your moving agreement and dispose of any items that cannot be transported well before moving day.

String One On: To make unpacking a breeze, put a piece of string under the packing tape when sealing a box, leaving a little bit of the string exposed. When you’re ready to unpack, simply pull the string up and across the box top and it should cut through the tape.

If we think about the entire process from having to have our home ready for prospective buyers for a year, selling our home, packing to move and for the estate sale, the problems with the closing that was delayed for almost 2 weeks on a day by day basis, and the 5 hour closing ordeal when the title ...