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Moving Storage in Saline

Moving Storage in Saline

It is not uncommon to need to store items in a storage unit when moving to a new location. Thankfully, we offer storage services that will handle all of your storage needs. We provide clean, secure, climate-controlled storage units that you can safely store your items in. For your storage needs, we offer two different storage options:

Storage in Transit

For all of your short storage needs, Storage in Transit is the option for you. You typically use Storage in Transit, or S.I.T., when you cannot deliver all of your items to your new location right away. When you use our Storage in Transit, it is available to you for up to 90 days with the option of a valuation plan to help further protect your belongings.

Permanent Storage

For your more permanent storage needs, Palmer offers permanent storage in Saline. This option is perfect for any long-term storage that you may need. You can store items in storage with us and withdraw your items whenever you are ready. Since this is more long-term, it will be more expensive than Storage in Transit, but Palmer offers great, competitive prices for both options. You can trust Palmer because we have the best storage facilities in Saline, MI.

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