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Moving Storage in Chelsea

Moving Storage in Chelsea

During the process of moving, it is common to need extra storage for some of your possessions. Palmer has your storage needs covered when you use our storage options when moving with us. Our clean, secure, climate-controlled storage units are perfect for whatever storage options you need. We are dedicated to keeping your items safe when you store with us. We offer two storage options when you move with Palmer:

Storage in Transit

If you are only looking to store items for a short amount of time, Storage in Transit, or S.I.T., is for you. This storage option is typically used when your items are not able to be delivered to your new home right away.  Storage in Transit can be used for up to 90 days and we offer a valuation plan to help further insure your items.

Permanent Storage

If you are in need for longer storage, we also offer Permanent Storage in Chelsea. This is your long-term option for storing. You can keep your items in storage for as long as you need and can also take items out of storage whenever you need. Permanent storage will be more expensive than storage in transit because you will have access to the storage long-term. Even so, Palmer offers competitive rates and the best storage facilities in Chelsea.

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