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Moving Storage in Canton

Moving Storage in Canton

Palmer Moving Services provides multiple storage options for you when you move with Palmer in Canton. No matter how much you need stored or how long you need to store it, we have you covered. Our storage facilities in Canton are some of the best in all of Michigan. Trust us to keep your items secured, keeping them safe and in mint condition. We can store your items in one of two ways, Storage in Transit, or Permanent Storage:

Storage in Transit

Storage in Transit, or S.I.T. is a temporary storage for when your items are not ready to be delivered to your new home. S.I.T. storage is short term storage for up to 90 days. You can store for longer but additional charges may apply. Any valuation plan that was purchased during pickup will cover you household goods if anything is lost or damaged during the 90 days of storage in transit.

Permanent Storage

Permanent Storage is used for any items that are to be stored for longer than 90 days for private customers and over 180 days for corporate relocation clients. Permanent storage can be more expensive than S.I.T., so it’s best to plan things out and choose your storage options wisely!

Moving Storage in Canton

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