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Moving Storage in Berkley

Moving Storage in Berkley

Don’t trust a local mini-storage unit to safely keep your things, trust the professionals at Palmer Moving and our professional, secure, and climate controlled warehouse space. At Palmer, we can offer you storage in Berkley regardless of how much or how long you need. Our warehouses are secure and able to store even your most prized possessions. If you choose to store your things with Palmer, you can either use Storage in Transit or Permanent Storage options.

Storage in Transit

If you don’t need your items to be stored for a long-period of time, Storage in Transit, or S.I.T., is your best bet. Storage in Transit is storage that is used for 90 days or less and can take advantage of your valuation plan that protects your things throughout the moving and storage process. This options reduces cost and provides peace of mind that your items are covered in the rare case of damage or loss.

Permanent Storage

If you think you may need more than 90 days to store your items, you will need our Permanent Storage solution. Permanent Storage is basically the same as S.I.T., just a long-term solution that has different insurance needs. Permanent Storage can be utilized for as long as needed and can be more expensive than S.I.T. due to the need for additional insurance to protect the second half of your move and the extra time in our storage warehouse.

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