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Rochester, MI City Guide

Rochester, MI City Guide

Rochester, MI Overview

Not to be confused with the more well-known city of the same name in New York, Rochester, MI, is a picturesque community that’s about the size of a small university campus, with pristine homes dotting the rolling hills of the northern Detroit metro area. The city began as a simple cabin in 1817; where settlers from Rochester, NY, migrated there and gave it the same name as their former home.

Today, Rochester, MI is an industrial hub that has three well-kept neighborhoods with a collective population of just under 13,000 people. The total area is about 4 square miles, and the climate is similar to other Detroit, MI area cities like Royal Oak and Novi – warm and pleasant in the spring and summer, and cooler in the fall and winter months. The scenic waterways are most evident in downtown Rochester.

The present-day attractions of the modern city are numerous; Rochester has a robust downtown section that spans a considerable stretch of the city’s overall size, with hundreds of shops and boutiques from well-known merchants available. The significant entrepreneurial spirit of the residents has led to 85% of the downtown businesses being independent vendors.

Downtown Rochester, MI

The more than 350 stores in the downtown part of the city offer great food, very good shopping options and city services. If you’re looking for dinner for two, the restaurants are largely well-reviewed and varied. To satisfy your sweet tooth, head down the avenues to the ice cream shops, confectionaries and bakeries. Here are just a few of the places where you can eat:

Bangkok Cuisine: Located on 727 N. Main, this excellent restaurant specializes in Thai cuisine. Start with a generous serving of the hot and sour soup to liven up your taste buds; then, move on to a substantial plate of Beef Pad Thai or the chicken-heavy Gang Kewn Warn. The Pad See Ew is also a customer favorite.

Sumo Sushi and Seafood: Healthy Japanese food that still tastes fantastic on the tongue – Sumo Sushi and Seafood serves foods as varied as Salmon Rolls, Miso Soup and more. The menu is described as ‘huge’; so, if you’re into the many varieties of sushi, this is the place to go.

Paul’s on Main Street Food & Spirits: This little joint on 227 Main St. is a renowned for its portion sizes – particularly for breakfast. Mashed potatoes and meatloaf and fresh green peas comprise a popular dish, and the Farmer’s Omelette is made for one but could probably feed two-and-a-half. If you’ve got children in tow, they’ll love the cinnamon toast and sausage meal.

The Rochester Winter Farmer’s Market is open for business every Saturday at 10 am – as of January 2017; times subject to change. The Downtown Rochester MI website has information on all upcoming major events, such as the Fire & Ice Festival that comes through in late January most years. Visit the site and keep up-to-date on things to do with the family.

Shopping in Rochester

As for shopping, there are gift shops, jewelry stores, specialty foods stores and, of course, fashion. The Village Show Inn is located on 401 Walnut, and similar stores with albeit slightly different offerings are all along the avenue. If you’re into spirits, there’s a wonderful variety of win at the Cose di Lusso on 1303 Main, and the Fieldstone Winery on 223 Main. Just like any growing city, you’ll find nearly anything you need in downtown Rochester, MI.

Rochester, MI Neighborhoods

Stoney Creek Neighborhood: Rochester has three neighborhoods in its 4 square miles of domain. Stoney Creek borders the northeast end of the city, and is adjacent to the larger city of Rochester Hills. It contains Rochester High School, which is relatively new and began construction in 1997.

The Bluffs: Like the Stoney Creek neighborhood, The Bluffs is a non-census designated village that also borders the city of Rochester Hills; it’s located to the southeast of Rochester. The Bluffs is dotted with single family homes and a community feel that’s hard to find in larger cities.

Yates: This neighborhood is mostly known for the Yates Cider Mill, which has been in operation since the mid 1800s. There’s also a Petting Zoo for the kids.

Visit Rochester, MI tosee what a welcoming community lookslike. The historical Opera House is open to the public, and the Rochester Grain elevator is a one of a kind attraction. The shopping district has many more options than listed here – just check the local directory or drive along the main street to have a look around the sights of Rochester, MI.

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