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Preparing Your Home Before Your Move

Preparing Your Home Before Your Move

Preparing Your Home Before Your Move

Almost everyone moves at least once in the span of their life. In case you are looking for advice on how you might make your move go a little more smoothly, or if you’re looking for a place to begin because this is your first move, we have created a guide that can help you get your current residence all ready. We’ve laid out a few simple steps that could help you get your moving process rolling, or that you could use to figure out what you need to do so your moving process works best for you. Here’s some advice from our team at Palmer.

Find Items to Leave Behind
The first thing you can consider when planning your move is whether or not there are items you should leave behind. You can go through your things and determine what you no longer need; then you can sell these items or, if that’s a hassle, donate or throw them out. An easy way to get rid of a lot of your stuff and make a little bit of money doing it is by having a garage sale. As much as you may want to keep everything you own, it’s probably true that not everything should go with you to your new home. Determining if there are things you won’t need and getting rid of them can give you more space for packing and storage, and less to worry about unpacking and reorganizing in your new home.

Prioritize Items
While sorting through your items, making note of the most important things you have and keeping them together can help prevent a stressful search for something when you need it. In the same mindset, keeping important documents with you can help you avoid losing something that’s difficult to replace, such as a passport, insurance card, SSC, etc. Keeping documents like these with you should ensure their safety, and in-turn, keep you from getting too stressed.

Although not all will need to store their items, storage units can be very helpful during a moving process. If there are items you decide to keep but don’t have room for in your new home, a storage unit is a practical alternative.

Organize Boxes
A good way to keep everything organized when you’re moving is to pack specific boxes for each room. Pack everything that belongs in the kitchen in a box together and do the same for your living room, bedroom, bathroom, etc. and label them according to the room. Not only does this give you a way to organize your things as you’re packing, but it will make getting settled at your new home a lot easier. Labeling all appropriate boxes as “fragile” and letting anyone who’s moving your belongings know which boxes are important can help prevent breakage of or damage to valuable and fragile items.

If you are moving with larger appliances such as refrigerators, laundry machines, and/or dishwashers, prep them before moving. Some moving companies will require you to prep them, so call in ahead to find out. For smaller appliances, unplug them and pack them with like items or in a box specific to where they will go at your new home. Organize any cords you may have for T.V.s and computers by putting them in their own bags and taping them to the inside of the box with they appliance they go with. Don’t forget to label these cords, it can be a mess when you don’t know which goes with what.

Clean Up
The loading process will be much smoother and more efficient if your house is clear of clutter before you begin. Be strategic in your placement of boxes and make sure that the path to the moving truck is clear and easy to get through.

Make Sure You Have Everything
Before and after packing up, check for loose items that you may have missed. Check drawers and cabinets to ensure that you have everything you need. You won’t want to arrive at your new home to realize you forgot something and inevitably have to travel all the way back to your old home to find it.

If you follow this advice, we assure you your move will go much more smoothly. For any questions or to hire professional help, contact us at Palmer Moving Services today.

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