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Novi, MI City Guide

Novi, MI City Guide

The city of Novi, MI, is an offshoot of the older Farmington Township, and spring into a city all unto its own as recently as 1969 by popular vote. Some of the still-standing historic sites include Township Hall; which is currently on the Jacob and Rebecca Fuerst Farmstead for all to see. There’s also Tollgate Farm and the Colonel Samuel White Homestead – named after one of the very first settlers of Novi Township.

If you’re visiting Novi today, be advised of the cooler weather during the fall and winter months. The spring and summer bring the warmth that is characteristic of the greater Detroit area; most of the 180 sunny days annually lie within this span of months.

One of the mostrecognizable aspects of Novi’s the expansive Walled Lake that encompasses the city; at 670 acres, it is the 4th largest lake in Oakland County. The four major highways (I-696, I-96, M-5 and the I-275) that stem from Novi mark it as a central hub of activity; it’s right up there with the fastest growing cities in all of Michigan.

Novi, MI Places to – Restaurants and Eateries

Novi has a very diverse population of 55,000; with an especially large Japanese-American presence when compared to other cities nationwide. One of the many benefits of so many different cultures and inclinations makes itself felt in the selection of restaurants. The following few examples consistently receive raving reviews from residents and tourists alike:

Famous Dave’s Barbecue: Pulled pork, Barbecue Nachos to die for, Salmon spread and delicious corn muffins all make Famous Dave’s a must-see eatery on at least one of your visits to Novi. Try the banana pudding for dessert; you won’t be disappointed.

Athenian Coney Island: Located on West 11 Mile Road, this exemplar of Greek cuisine is well regarded for its huge portions of delicious food. The serving staff is par excellence; food is out quickly despite being cooked to order. Need to know what to start with? Try the corned beef and hash for lunch; or the Balsamic steak salad and spinach pie.

Don’s of Traverse City: A Novi, MI favorite. Don’s is right on Grand River Avenue, and boasts a big, impossibly delicious shake that brings customers back in droves. It’s essentially a burger joint – but good luck comparing it to any others. With a hearty belly full of exquisite dining, now you’re ready to be out-and-about on the town. Novi has plenty of recreation and activities for couples and families throughout its 31 square miles of real estate. The Twelve Oaks Mall is a major attraction, and is credited with being the primary reason for the growth spurt that the city is currently enjoying. Recreation in Novi, MI

The Japan Festival: Courtesy of the large Japanese population (almost 16% of the total), there’s a Japan Festival that’s held annually at a different location in Novi. It’s a huge gathering place for multiple ethnicities, and holds the distinction of being the largest of its kind in all of Michigan.

Novi Has a Multitude of Parks: there’s the ITC Community Sports Park on Eight Mile Road in Northville, where there’s a baseball and soccer complex, as well as tennis and basketball courts spread throughout the area. You can rent a picnic shelter for sponsored events, too!

There’s also the Novi Ice Arena. If you have kids, they may fall in love with the ice hockey enrollment program there. You can also enjoy some real ice-skating – there are trainers on hand to help you learn,

Rounding out this short intro to the plethora of parks in Novi, there’s also Villagewood Lake Park; which consists of over 50 acres of park land – as free and unblemished as Nature intended. You’ll find seren nature trails and open greenspace there.

Small Business Aspirants: 
For an in-depth roadmap of the city, feel free to browse the City of Novi website; it provides news on the community, city services, after-school activities for the entire family and more. Indeed; the small business team gatherings are some of the most helpful meetings for newcomers interested in starting an SMB (small to medium-sized business); you’re served delicious food while you listen and speak with experts on the particulars.

As for schooling, there arefive elementary schools from which to choose– as well as two high schools. The region has a strong automobile show culture, where students compete in the annual auto show event. Novi is a very welcoming place for couples and families, and would be happy to have you help them continue to grow and prosper.

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