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Moving South for the Winter

Moving South for the Winter

Tips & Advice When Moving South For The Winter

As a proud Michigan native, your first thought are words of praise when any outsider asks you about the wonders of Detroit and its surrounding areas. But once the gray and chilly winter hits, you needn’t be shy about taking a much-needed semi-retirement to warmer pastures down south.

Most Michiganders – those that move, that is – take to the balmy climate of Florida; but a sizable percentage also consider moving long-distance to Texas, Arizona, Nevada, the Carolinas, and other southern states. It is with this in mind that we’ve compiled a list of things to remember to do as you prepare for your move. The following should make it painless and efficient.

Consider a Rental Unit
The prices are quite economical, and rental units go a long way in fostering convenience if you plan to move down to Florida or some other warmer, southern state every year when the weather turns disagreeable in Michigan. In case your stay doesn’t go as well as you thought, the risk is less and you can try a different destination the next winter season.
Secure Your Home Before You Leave
This is important enough to have its own section. Even in safer neighborhoods, people will notice your annual trek before long. Keep your valuables in storage where they’ll be perfectly safe and insured, and power down your entire home – including turning off the water – so that the water pipes don’t freeze, expand, and bust open while you’re gone. Additionally, don’t penny pinch and shut the thermostat off – keep it just high enough so that the water doesn’t freeze.
You Don’t Need a House Sitter
But it is a good idea to have a neighbor or someone close to you check up on your home maybe once a week. This can stave off any unexpected issues such as power problems that can be detected early and resolved. It might entail leaving them a copy of your house key – at your discretion, of course.
Pack Your Personal Information
It’s surprising how often travelers neglect to bring identification on long trips. Even if you’re driving south for the winter, bringing your passport won’t hurt just in case – who knows? The point is that it is difficult to get copies of these things – often, very difficult – if you happen to need any of them when you’re away. Depending on the length of your stay down south, you may decide to rent a vehicle so you don’t have to rely on Uber, public transportation and taxis all the time.
Bring Warm Clothing, Too
This is in addition to your light summer clothing. You don’t want to be without a sweater on the off-chance a chilly night hits. Make sure you pack enough to wear for at least three months – especially if you’re traveling by vehicle or using a moving company. Clothing does not weigh much, so don’t hold back. Sure; Tampa, Florida may have nearly 250 days of sunshine compared with Detroit’s 180 – but it doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for the unexpected.
A Few Things You Won’t Miss While Down South
Michigan, of course, has its indelible charm – but there are quite a few things you won’t miss on your trek to warmer pastures. After all, there are recent metrics that show Michigan is experiencing more traffic out of the State of the Great Lakes than into it – at least as of 2012. More recent data may show it has reached an equilibrium as a result of a state-wide resurgence in some sectors. -You won’t miss the almost unending shoveling of snow in the morning and on the weekends. The worst that you’ll have to do during your time as a Floridian is sweep sand.-Driving is a lot easier on Tampa roads – obviously, the lack of ice helps a great deal with that.-The mighty Atlantic Ocean, and the gifts it brings. Michigan’s Great Lakes are irreplaceable, of course – but the ocean casts a whole different kind of spell on its viewers.-You cannot discount the sheer diversity of cultures in the warmer south; it IS a vacation spot, after all – whereas few people from the international regions consider Michigan a tourist destination (not particularly, anyway).
If you’re moving for the south for the tough Detroit winters, let Palmer Moving Services be your trusted movers. We’ve been serving the people of Michigan for over a century, and consider them extended family. Call for a free quote and any other details you need.

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