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Benefits of a Fall Move

Benefits of a Fall Move

Figuring out the best time for you and your family to plan your move isn’t always easy, whether your relocation is local or you’re about to embark on a long-distance move. There are many pros and cons to moving during any season, but sometimes it’s hard to recognize these until you’ve begun to load the moving truck. At Palmer Moving Services, we believe it’s our responsibility to help you figure out the best moving plan for you. We’ve created a list of 5 benefits of moving in the fall, in hopes of making your moving process a little easier – even if you haven’t started planning yet.

1. Cost & Flexibility
The busiest moving seasons are spring and summer, especially in June and July. Moving companies are pretty booked up until September, making it difficult to plan a move according to your schedule, unless you’re able to book a moving date many months in advance. Even if you can, it isn’t wise to book a date too far out because you can’t know if something will happen that interferes with your move. The weather may be bad that day, or an unexpected event may take place that keeps you from being able to move on the day you booked. In the summer, you most likely won’t be able to rebook your movers for days or even weeks, setting you behind in your moving schedule. After the summer season is over though, moving companies have much more availability, giving you more scheduling options and flexibility. Not to mention, since movers are in lower demand in the fall, you’ll be able to hire a moving company at a lower price.

2. Weather Conditions
In the summer, moving boxes into a truck gets exhausting. The uncontrollable heat makes everyone tired and can put many at risk for dehydration or even heat stroke. In the winter, slippery ice and big coats make it dangerous to load and unload items from a truck. If someone is to slip on ice while loading or unloading your items, your belongings may get damaged, and even worse, someone might get hurt. In the autumn, leaves on the ground can make moving dangerous for the same reason, but it’s much easier to keep a broom on hand and sweep up leaves continuously throughout your move than it is to break up ice and shovel snow. Packing your truck in the fall is more time-efficient because no one will fall prey to heat exhaustion, and the slight chill in the air will keep everyone awake.

3. The Holidays
If you wait out the fall season to move, you’re more than likely going to find yourself in a stressful scheduling situation. That’s why fall is an ideal time for many people to plan their move. There’s not a lot going on yet, so more people are free to pitch in and help during your move. You also have the time to focus on your move, since no intensive holiday planning is happening in September. But once the holidays start to approach, it’s suddenly a lot more difficult to plan a move. It starts at the end of October with Halloween, then comes ThanksGiving, and all of a sudden it’s December and everything is busy. You have to balance friends and family, plans for celebrations, and potentially travel, all on top of your move! Not to mention, once you get close to the holidays, prices start climbing again. Availability goes down because many people take time off to spend with their families, and everything is more expensive in general. Not to mention, if you’re moving long-distance, plane fare is more expensive and harder to book close to the holidays. So plan your move before the holidays and give yourself time to enjoy them!


4. Busy Kids
Choosing to move in the fall when you have kids may not seem ideal, but there are still some benefits to it. It can be an easier moving process when your kids are back at school. Depending on the ages of your children, it might be better for them to be busy at school while you’re packing everything up. With younger children, having them in school while you’re loading the truck keeps them safe and out of the way. If they’re in class, you don’t have to hire a babysitter or spend your time keeping your kids entertained, but instead, you can focus on what needs to be done for your move.

5. It’s… Fun!
After a summer move is completed, everyone wants to go home and shower or nap, not many people want to stick around to celebrate with you once everything has been packed into your truck or unloaded at your new home. In the fall, there’s plenty to do that will keep everyone in good spirits during your moving process! While people are helping you to load or unload your moving truck, why not make have some hot apple cider and hot chocolate inside for anyone to help themselves to when they’re chilly or need a break? After everything is done, you can offer pumpkin pie or other fall treats to everyone for helping. No one will be exhausted from the heat or soaking wet from melted snow, so fall is the perfect time to have a little fun during, before, and after your move.

Fall is a great season. But it’s not just great because of the pumpkin spice lattes, it’s a great season to plan your move. Whether you’re moving a short distance or you’ve got a long-distance relocation ahead of you, consider moving in the fall. No matter when you move, or how far, Palmer Moving Services has you covered. Call us today to find out about our customizable moving plans and our customer comes first policy. We hope to hear from you soon!

I moved from Royal Oak, MI to Chicago, IL with a stop to pickup more furniture in between. My timeline was quite uncertain until the week of my move and Palmer did everything in their power to accommodate. I don't recall the specific names of my movers, but they were quite kind and jolly while also ...