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5 Tips to Minimize Stress During Your Next Move

5 Tips to Minimize Stress During Your Next Move

Whether this is your first move, or you’ve made your way around the country, relocating can bring with it a certain degree of anxiety. The process seems simple enough. Pack your things, load them into the moving van, arrive at your new home, unpack, and crash on the couch. Of course, a process like this is never quite as easy as it is on the itinerary. It’s easy to let time slide by and leave double-checking to the last few days, and even if you have your whole process planned to the minute, sometimes unexpected delays and hiccups can leave you rushing to get everything done in time.

Once you’ve cleaned house and made it to your new place, you’ve finally made it… or so it seems. You initially unpacked most of your amenities, but the contents of that looming tower of boxes in the back corner never seem to make it to your drawers and cabinets.

What can you do? When you move, life moves with you. You’ve got responsibilities at work, the kids need to get supplies for school, so it can be hard to find a free day to finally empty all those boxes.

Although relocation can be stressful if you let the time get away from you, it’s not always as bad as all that. Moving is an exciting time, but without thoughtful preparation, it can be pretty nerve-racking. So, at Palmer Moving Services, we want to help you out. With these 5 helpful pointers, you can be more prepared and ensure your move is as stress-free as possible.

1. Set Realistic Expectations
Don’t let yourself expect that the moving process will be a walk in the park, if you set your expectations high and demand your relocation to take a lot less time than is realistic, the minor inconveniences that are inherent to a big move will stress you out more than they need to.

Getting all of your things together and sorted and packed is a big job, give yourself more time than you think you’ll need for each task, so when you finish moving on time, you feel accomplished rather than disappointed. If you set yourself realistic expectations, you won’t beat yourself up when packing takes a little longer than it could have. Stay positive and you’ll avoid a lot of stress you can put on yourself during the relocation process.

2. Leave a Day for Moving Day
There’s a lot to consider during each day of your moving process, taking down pictures, disassembling furniture, and packing everything into sorted, labeled boxes room by room. Whatever you need to do to prepare for your move, always get everything packed and clean BEFORE moving day.

Leaving tasks for the last day adds stress to the big day can lead to setbacks and hijinks that can stress you out when the clock is running down. Spending just a little extra time the day before will free your mind of anything other than the task at hand on moving day.

3. Don’t Be Scared to Ask for Help
It’s always the best idea to hire a trustworthy moving company to aid you in transferring your possessions safely to your new home, but sometimes that’s just not part of your plan, and you find yourself with a lot more boxes than you have trips down the stairs.

Moving on your own is never a relaxing affair, no matter how introverted you are. Be sure that you reach out to people you know well to aid you as your possessions are packed so that you’re in control of what goes where when. Even with the best intentions, helpful neighbors and acquaintances can’t collaborate with you as well as your friends and family as you organize the order that you want to load and label your boxes how you want them.

Taking pointers from others around you who have experience moving can also be a great stress reliever. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from brainstorming strategy and accept some advice from people you trust, just be sure to make your own decisions and to stay in control of your move. If you don’t take it all on yourself, moving can be much more enjoyable and will save you the stress of being a one-man moving company.

4. Stock up on Sleep
Taking on a big move can drain you, especially when you’ve got to coordinate a moving team and potentially prepare for a road trip to your new home. Instead of sleeping in after an exhausting moving process, preemptively set a good sleep schedule before you start packing your boxes, and taking down the decor.

Getting restful sleep will set yourself up for success before the time comes to get the job done and help you focus throughout the whole process of relocation.

5. Prepare for the Move-In
With everything safely taped into boxes lined up inside of the moving truck, sometimes when you first move into your new place, you can find yourself missing the everyday items you’ll need in the first few days after arriving that you might not uncover until next week. It can be disruptive to your mental state to be without your daily breakfast meal or your cozy slippers. So pack a few bags or put some boxes at the very back of the moving van with your daily amenities in them so that when you arrive, among the hectic process of moving into your new house, you’ll have your daily comforts to ease you into your new home.

Yes, the process of relocation brings with it all sorts of stress, that’s why it’s so important to take care of yourself throughout the ordeal. We hope that these 5 tips will help you stay mindful of yourself while you focus on your move. After all, moving to a new home is exciting! Just don’t forget to take some time for yourself to settle in and destress once you arrive at your new home.

If you have any questions about how to make your moving process less-stressful, give us a call today! One of our skilled workers would be delighted to speak with you and answer any questions you might have. For an efficient, effective move, customizable moving plan, and a team that cares about you, visit Palmer Moving Services today.

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