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Novi Movers - Novi, MI Moving

There can be a fair amount of dread when it comes to thoughts of moving. Using Palmer Moving will go a long way in squashing some of these fears. If you need to move from your house, picking a mover that has nearly 100 years of experience, should give you a sense of security that your property will be handled with respect. If you are contacting the Novi movers division of Palmer movers, to relocate your household possessions locally, over a long distance or even internationally, they want to give you a stress free move. They will work with you so you are happy with the outcome.

If your place of business needs to relocate, this could also cause you and your employees concerns. We offer the following services:

  • Your computers can be transported with specialized moving services.
  • If your business includes a laboratory, all attention will be given in relocating it, paying attention to finishing this task safely and quickly.
  • We can store your records in a temperature controlled warehouse.
  • We can build modular furniture and if a protracted storage facility is needed, this can also be supplied.

If you need larger items such as boats stored in a warehouse, Palmer Moving Services’ movers can help make these arrangements. They also can ship items such as motorcycles to their destination within your desired time frame, without any harm coming to the item.

The person that came to estimate the cost was very professional and helpful. He explained things in detail and gave an accurate estimate. The communication before the move was thorough and provided detailed information about how the move would go. The movers were great. They were very professional a...