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Records Management

Records Management - Detroit, MI

If your office is overloaded with boxes and files, we can help with our solutions for records management! Michigan-based Palmer Commercial Services will supply your boxes, collect your records and assist with indexing and cataloguing, retention schedules, and overall management of your records. We also offer pick-up and delivery service, record retention, document purge and destruction, carton sales, mailing, and fax service and online inventory management.


We maintain nearly 750,000 square feet of records management, Michigan warehouse space. We offer climate control, complete fire protection, alarmed, secure, clean warehouse space. Our state-of-the-art facility in Warren, Michigan was designed and constructed to the highest standards.

We can accommodate most any item, and are storage specialists with items such as:​
  • Hard Copy Business Records
  • ​Medical Records
  • ​Archival Records
  • ​Box Storage
  • ​Data Storage
  • ​Film, Media, Tape and X-Ray

We utilize Snap Tracker Software, which is a barcode enabled software system specifically designed for records management, Michigan asset management. All movement within our system is tracked and recorded by a unique barcode number which is assigned to each file, box and tape. That barcode is scanned to your customer number on your site prior to being picked up or delivered by Palmer Commercial Services. This entire process means nothing without the right combination of people with great attitudes.


Access to your documents can be scheduled virtually any time. With one phone call, your files can be made ready in as little as 10 minutes! We provide several options for retrieval which include, but are not limited to personal pick-up, expedited delivery, courier delivery and more. Standard delivery time for non-expedited delivery is four hours.


Those customers who permit us to open their archive boxes and search through their documents can receive individual pages from those documents transmitted to them by fax or over the internet. However, should customers need to spend time researching through their archive, Palmer has offices for this purpose. Document boxes will be delivered to these offices where telephone, fax and photocopying facilities are available for use by our customers.


Palmer can take in archives that are in disarray and in need of cataloguing. Our experienced cataloguer leads a team of data in-putters and together they will catalogue and list the contents of the archive. Where necessary, documents can be re-boxed in new archive storage boxes. Documents that are time expired can be destroyed by shredding, and you will be provided with destruction certificates.


Palmer Commercial Services has a wealth of knowledge and ability to guide you with records storage, Michigan records management. We have limited access buildings, well-maintained equipment, a sophisticated software system and the personnel to make it all work. Contact us today to arrange for your records storage and management services.