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Laboratory Moving

Laboratory Moving

Utilize our lab and medical equipment moving services for the most secure, reliable transport of your facility’s high-value equipment. When it comes to the time sensitive nature of these shipments, it is imperative that this medical equipment make it to its destination on-time and in perfect working condition. Work with Palmer to ensure your equipment arrives at its new home in a timely fashion. From MRIs and imaging machines to centrifuges and x-ray machines, we have the ability to receive, consolidate, and distribute these high-value products as medical equipment and lab movers.

Medical Equipment Movers

With our specialized, best-in-class equipment, fleet and industry recognized IT systems, we have the advanced technologies to handle time-critical, sensitive shipments. Our medical equipment moving services are comprehensive, so regardless of the size and scope of your needs or where your shipment needs to be transported, Palmer Commercial Services can accommodate your needs. When it comes to choosing medical equipment and lab movers, the security and reliability of your transportation service depends heavily on the moving company you choose. Trust the professionals at Palmer to do the job right.

Lab Movers of Choice

Are you in need of efficient and secure medical equipment moving services? Choose the reputable lab movers at Palmer Commercial Services. We have the expertise, knowledge and resources required to handle high-value shipments of this nature. Call us today for more information, or fill out our quote form to request your free estimate now.