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Policy Consulting

Policy Consulting

You’ll find no cookie cutter solutions here – we believe in developing a relocation policy that meets the needs of both your corporation and your employee, while at the same time maintaining a cost effective method of relocation.

More than just a statement of what you’re willing to pay to transport the household effects of your employee, a well rounded policy includes provisions for:

  • ​ Household Good Relocation
  • ​ Storage of Household Goods
  • ​ Transportation of Vehicles & RV’s
  • ​ Special Relocation Needs – Pets, Elder Care, etc.
  • ​ Spouse Employment Assistance
  • ​ Group Move Management
  • ​ Relocation Expense Tracking
  • ​ Area Cost of Living Differentials
  • ​ Temporary Housing
  • ​ Short Term & Long Term Storage
  • ​ Home Sales & Marketing Assistance
  • ​ Home Purchase Services
  • ​ Property Management
  • ​ Mortgage Assistance

These are just a few of the topics that can, and should, be covered in a complete corporate relocation policy. Why not meet with us and find out how we can help put our more than 90 years of relocation experience to work for you!