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Benchmark Studies

Benchmark Studies for Corporate Relocation Programs

By using proven benchmarking tools, Palmer Moving Services can assess your companies current relocation policy against the programs your competitors are offering in order to ensure that your relocation policy performs at or above industry standards.

We have access to literally hundreds of the current relocation policies from companies of all types nationwide that we use to monitor best practices and conduct our benchmarking efforts.

By studying your company’s structure, culture and business objectives we define your corporate goals as they pertain to employee relocation. We then analyze numerous aspects of your current relocation program using a variety of moving and storage industry specific tools and processes, including:

  • ​ Cost Analysis: We compare your program costs against industry standards and identify areas for potential savings.
  • ​ Process Mapping: By conducting an extensive review of your current program’s processes we can recommend enhancements that improve its efficiency.
  • ​ Best Practices: We monitor and evaluate industry wide relocation best practices and recommend ways to incorporate them into your current program.
  • ​ Monitoring Trends: Our vast customer base enables us to keep on top of the latest relocation industry trends. By doing so we are able to recommend those that are worth incorporating, to ensure your program is competitive yet cost effective.

Whether you use our benchmarking service to maximize the effectiveness of your corporate recruiting efforts, or to simply ensure employee satisfaction with your relocation policy, policy benchmarking is a smart way to stay in check with today’s competitive market.

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