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What To Prepare Before Movers Arrive

What To Prepare Before Movers Arrive

The most important part of moving – whether that be a locallong-distance, or even an international move – is the preparation made before the movers arrive.

Undoubtedly, moving needs a lot of preparation – from planning the move to boxing up your possessions, the entire process can be such a hassle.

Don’t wait until the last minute to get things in order.

Planning in advance will not only make the entire moving process smooth and fast, but it will also help eliminate time wastage and additional costs from your landlord.

If you have no idea what to prepare before the movers arrive, here are some great ideas.

Prepare Items You Will Move Yourself

These are basically items that you intend to travel with or will need access to during the days of the move. These may include toiletries, medicine, personal items, jewelry, clothing, and hazardous items.

Pack them ahead of time and mark them to ensure the movers won’t stuff them in the moving truck.

Pre-Pack Small Items

Even if you are paying professional movers to do everything for you, it’s often advisable to pre-pack small items. It’s not much of a hassle plus it saves time.

Look around your home and collect all the small items. Dispose of anything that you won’t need.

Mark High-Value Items

To ensure that nothing of high value gets damaged during packing and moving, mark every single item you feel is of great value and let the movers know so they can take extra care. This is especially important as it may help prevent unnecessary cases or claims in case the items become damaged.

Furthermore, no professional mover would want to be dragged into court cases as it may damage their reputation

Prepare Essential Boxes

Essential boxes are those that will contain items that you may need the first few days after you arrive to your destination. Packing these boxes is important as it eliminates the hassle of unpacking everything to look for something to wear or toiletries to use.

The boxes should be clearly marked so that the movers will know which boxes to unpack first.

Prepare all Appliances for Packing

Preparing your appliances means unplugging them from the socket and removing items stashed in them (for example refrigerators, freezers, and washing machines).

If you have some extra time, you can even clean them up prior to packing and moving. This will allow the packers to put them in the boxes easily and fast.

Dispose Of Anything that Won’t Pack

Professional movers often refuse to pack items that are hazardous, perishable, and fragile for safety reasons.

So it’s upon you to decide whether to move them yourself or leave them behind.

In the case of food, avoid purchasing a lot of it a few days prior to the move. If you own plants, consider gifting them to your friends or neighbors – it will make traveling easier and stress-free.

For hazardous items such as weapons, corrosive, erosive, or flammable material, cleaning fluids and oils, you can also leave them behind or move them yourself.

Measure the Doors

Prior to the move, it’s important to ensure that large furniture such as sofas will pass safely through your doors. Be sure to measure the doors in your new home to make sure you don’t have any issues once you arrive. If you can’t easily access your new home call up your landlord, property manager, or the previous homeowner and ask them to take measurements.

Relocating usually involves a lot of work and can be stressful, especially if you don’t have a plan in place. But if you are well-prepared prior to moving, you will find the entire process both easy and fast.

This guide discusses important tips on what to prepare before the movers arrive. So use it to your advantage!

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