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Spring is a Great Time for a Move

Spring is a Great Time for a Move

Moving to a new home is a big deal no matter when you choose to do it, but choosing the time of your move strategically can greatly decrease the stress you feel throughout the process. Out of the millions of people who move each year, not everyone has the luxury of choosing their move date but if you are lucky enough to choose when you are moving though, springtime is a great time to relocate.

There are quite a few reasons that make spring a preferable moving season. One of the most obvious reasons that spring is a great time to move is because of the weather. With more consistently nice days, finding a good time to load and unload your moving truck is a lot easier than it is when you have to account for the heat of summer or harsh winter chills.

Since springtime means that summer is right around the corner and you can be moved in and settled into your new home so you can enjoy the summer months getting to know your new area. Especially in the midwest, people really relish the summer months with lots of social and community events that really feature the character of your local community. Whether it’s barbeques and neighborhood parties, community festivals, farmers markets, or just venturing outside to walk around and explore the outdoors in your area. The summer is a great time to get engaged in your community and meet people, so moving in the spring helps you to maximize your enjoyment of the summer without having to worry about the , if you have kids they’ll be able to make plenty of friends around the neighborhood if your new on the block at the start of the summer.

Moving before the summer begins will also ensure that you have a more relaxing summer. Your move will take up a lot of your time no matter when you do it, so why not have the summer to settle down and take some time off. Being done with all of the worries that come with moving once the sun is out and the days are warm will allow you to enjoy your summer completely, instead of just a few weeks of it.

Moving in the summer isn’t a great idea not only because it takes time away from your relaxation, but also because that is the time that moving companies are the busiest. If you choose to move in the springtime you will most likely have a lot more control over the dates and times of your move. In the summer, many moving companies are busy and heavily booked, so they may only be available certain days, limiting your options for moving day. With this in mind though, it’s a good idea to plan out and schedule your move ahead of time.

Even if spring isn’t the busiest time of year to relocate, it still is a busy time of year. With lots of people moving throughout the spring season it’s easier to run into problems if you don’t plan ahead. That’s why it’s a good idea to start getting your research done well in advance.

Here are a few things you should do to prepare for your spring move.

  • Look up different moving companies in your area and make sure to find a reputable business that has great reviews and has been in business for many years. 
  • Book ahead! Don’t wait until the last minute to book your movers if you know in advance the days that you want to move. 
  • Make a list of the supplies you will need for your move and start shopping for them. 
  • Get some spring cleaning out of the way! It’s a lot easier to pack up your house if you’ve gotten rid of all the things you haven’t used in years. 

These are just a couple tips to keep in mind when getting ready for a move. Relocating can be stressful, but if you know how to go about planning and scheduling your move it can be a great experience.

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