Commercial Storage - Detroit, Michigan (MI)

Our Michigan storage warehouse provides a safe, palletized storage solution, as well as plenty of rack space for those "overstuffed" and larger items that can't fit in a secured crate. Upon arrival at our warehouse, your commercial items are inventoried, carefully wrapped in pads and placed in large, labeled wooden crates for storage. For those commercial goods that cannot be palletized, we have open racking options. A simple phone call is all it takes to gain access to your items.

Our facility is closely monitored via alarm and video surveillance 24-hours a day, seven days a week by both our warehouse employees, as well as by an independent security provider. Fully insured and installed with sprinklers to prevent an extra measure of safety against fire, we're prepared to take care of commercial items just as though they were our own.

What type of items can we provide commercial storage services for?

Electronics, machinery and high value products

Exhibits, trade shows, and displays

Office furniture and files

Container loading/unloading

Finished products

Cross dock and transload services

Local product and appliance distribution

Archival records (record storage)

Order fulfillment, inventory management

Transportation management

Supply chain consulting services

Palletized or free standing - long term or short term - we have the Michigan storage space available for your commercial goods!

Contact Palmer Moving and Storage today to arrange for our Michigan storage services. Our rates are competitive and our quality service is unsurpassed.

Records Management - Detroit, Michigan (MI)

If your office is overloaded with boxes and files, we can help with our solutions for records management! Michigan-based Palmer Commercial Services will supply your boxes, collect your records and assist with indexing and cataloguing, retention schedules and overall management of your records. We also offer pick-up and delivery service, record retention, document purge and destruction, carton sales, mailing and fax service and online inventory management.

We maintain nearly 750,000 square feet of records management, Michigan warehouse space. We offer climate control, complete fire protection, alarmed, secure, clean warehouse space. Our state-of-the-art facility in Warren, Michigan was designed and constructed to the highest standards.

We can accommodate most any item, and are storage specialists with items such as:

Hard Copy Business Records

Medical Records

Archival Records

Box Storage

Data Storage

Film, Media, Tape and X-Ray

We utilize SnapTracker Software, which is a barcode enabled software system specifically designed for records management, Michigan asset management. All movement within our system is tracked and recorded by a unique barcode number which is assigned to each file, box and tape. That barcode is scanned to your customer number on your site prior to being picked up or delivered by Palmer Commercial Services. This entire process means nothing without the right combination of people with great attitudes.

Access to your documents can be scheduled virtually any time. With one phone call, your files can be made ready in as little as 10 minutes! We provide several options for retrieval which include, but are not limited to personal pick-up, expedited delivery, courier delivery and more. Standard delivery time for non-expedited delivery is four hours.

Those customers who permit us to open their archive boxes and search through their documents can receive individual pages from those documents transmitted to them by fax or over the internet. However, should customers need to spend time researching through their archive, Palmer has offices for this purpose. Document boxes will be delivered to these offices where telephone, fax and photocopying facilities are available for use by our customers.

Palmer can take in archives that are in disarray and in need of cataloguing. Our experienced cataloguer leads a team of data in-putters and together they will catalogue and list the contents of the archive. Where necessary, documents can be re-boxed in new archive storage boxes. Documents that are time expired can be destroyed by shredding, and you will be provided with destruction certificates.

Palmer Commercial Services has a wealth of knowledge and ability to guide you with records storage, Michigan records management. We have limited access buildings, well-maintained equipment, a sophisticated software system and the personnel to make it all work. Contact us today to arrange for your records storage and management services.

Inventory Management - Detroit, Michigan (MI)

Do you have products that you can't keep track of? Are you tight on space? Then call Palmer Asset Management to arrange our Michigan asset management services. We will receive your goods or product, inspect for defects, inventory and store on our 28' tall platform racks. For your needs in the Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor areas, our asset management services are unmatched.

When it comes time to ship your good or product, we can handle all the details, both big and small with our Michigan asset management services. In addition to our fleet, we have access to the vast network of Palmer Moving and Storage vehicles. This means we can marshal the resources necessary to perform any delivery, no matter the size, without the boxes leaving the Palmer Group Companies possession.

From records storage and excess inventory to furniture and pictures, we have asset management services for any product in the commercial world. Our Snap Tracker online inventory management system ensures you will know the status of your inventory at all times when in our possession. Our Snap Tracker system ensures the most effective and organized management of your assets, which you have convenient online access to at all times.

For unsurpassed Michigan asset management services, contact your professionals at Palmer Moving and Storage today. We can devise the solution to meet your needs, while simultaneously providing you with more space and time to manage other aspects of your business. You need a trusted provider of asset management, and there is no company more capable than Palmer Moving and Storage.

Warehousing and Distribution - Detroit, Michigan (MI)

Palmer Commercial Services continues to push the boundary for inventiveness while achieving overwhelming success in the commercial Michigan warehousing and distribution arena. Our decades of experience in the international forwarding industry coupled with our warehouse and Michigan distribution services have positioned us for the direction companies are taking to meet today’s demands.

Palmer Commercial Services is the culmination of superior resources and experience. We were built from the ground up to manage a wide range of high value, business critical products...quickly, carefully and efficiently with our Michigan warehousing and distribution services. We serve the Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor area with our Michigan distribution services and provide immaculate warehouse space to accommodate commercial goods.

We have more than 800,000 square feet of warehousing space available for our commercial customers. We have palletized storage, as well as rack storage for large or unique commercial goods. Our warehouse is fully equipped with fire and theft protection systems that monitor the facility around the clock. We are fully-insured, and our warehouse is climate-controlled to protect your goods from the elements.

Our Michigan distribution services are comprehensive, expedient and efficient. Wherever in the world your items are coming from or heading to, we will use the most effective resources in the design of your distribution solution. For all of your distribution needs, Palmer Commercial Services is your one-source provider.

For the most comprehensive Michigan warehousing and distribution services, contact Palmer Moving and Storage today. Palmer Commercial Services are designed with your needs in mind. For the effective solution for your Michigan distribution services needs, look no further than Palmer.



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