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Palmer Moving & Storage is the best choice for overseas relocations. We can relocate families, employees and businesses with ease and efficiency anywhere in the world. As an agent for North American Van Lines, we have a global reach that extends to all four corners of the world, ensuring a successful relocation – every time.

Palmer International experts manage every detail of an international relocation, including customs clearance and required documents for entry into a foreign country.

Learn more about how Palmer Moving & Storage handles international relocations:

Accreditations: Learn more about Palmer’s various accreditations that make us the best choice for international relocations.

Customs Requirements: We are well-versed in various customs requirements to ensure your seamless international relocation.

Destination Services: Discover what Palmer can do to assist you once you have arrived to your new destination overseas, from home purchase to language training.

Restricted/Prohibited Items: Our comprehensive list of restricted/prohibited items and duty information will best prepare you for any overseas relocation.

Relocating to the U.S.: Learn more about the guidelines on relocating to the U.S. to be prepared for entry into the country.


International Moving Accreditations

Palmer Moving and Storage is proud to be a Registered International Mover, as identified by the American Moving and Storage Association.

The American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) has set and manages the world's most comprehensive program, setting the standards for international moving.

In order to become a certified Registered International Mover (RIM), Palmer Moving and Storage and its employees went through rigorous training and testing. This training and certification was necessary for all of our employees who are involved in the international moving process including sales people, surveyors, coordinators, packers, craters and loaders.

RIM certification ensures that Palmer Moving and Storage and its employees are knowledgeable of all aspects of an international move. Furthermore, Palmer Moving and Storage must meet specific RIM standards for equipment and facilities to handle a quality international move. These standards are verified by on-site inspection performed by the V.P. of International Programs at AMSA.

In order to maintain its RIM certification, Palmer Moving and Storage is required to maintain its quality service to the international moving community and adhere to the RIM code of ethics and principals of conduct.

Palmer is also proud to be a member of the Household Goods Forwarders Association of America (HHGFAA). The HHGFAA is a global association of forwarders and movers committed to providing customers with the highest level of service available. They maintain a worldwide membership of over 1800 companies from more than 160 countries and territories.


International Moving - Destination Services

Moving to a new country means a wide range of complex questions.

Beyond the normal geography questions of temperature, weather and what to expect of the land, there are many other details that one should be aware of as they enter a new host country. What documents are required for entry? Are there items that can't be taken? Can my spouse work while we reside there?

We work hard to gather all that information and more!

In addition to providing you with information, we can also offer additional global destination services that can help you with many of your arrival needs.

Services available include:

Home purchase and temporary living assistance

Financial and insurance provider assistance

Cross-cultural training

Language training

Childcare and school referrals

Medical care and prescription replacement

Automobile purchase and services

Driving lessons

Contact your Palmer Moving and Storage relocation coordinator for specific details on the country you are moving to. We can also provide you with valuable consular contact information to help make settling in just that much easier!


International Moving - Customs Requirements

We know the ins and outs of clearing International Customs…

We also know that making sure that YOU know the ins and outs can make the difference in a smooth transition to your new host country! One small indiscretion can mean that your shipment is delayed for what may be an undetermined amount of time!

Just as every relocation is different, so are the customs entry requirements for each country. Customs rules and regulations are also subject to constant change, so it is important that you check regularly for updates.

Palmer Moving and Storage will provide you with the most up-to-date information as you prepare for your relocation. If at any time you have a question, please contact your relocation coordinator immediately.

Required Documents

Documentation requirements for moving internationally

Customs Regulations

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency has created a pamphlet titled Know Before You Go - a must read for anyone traveling internationally - Download the PDF version

This brochure covers topics such as:

Documents You Will Need

Items You Must Declare

Duty-Free Exemptions

Prohibited & Restricted Items

Other Travel Related Information



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