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At Palmer Moving and Storage, our Michigan corporate relocation services are renowned in the industry. Palmer manages more corporate relocations than any other single North American Van Line location. Our reputation is verified by numerous Top Quality and Service Excellence awards in addition to more than 150 van line achievement awards for our Michigan employee relocation services.

We understand that the relocation provider you choose to handle your corporate transfers is a direct reflection of your company to its employees. Palmer works with each family and within the parameters of your relocation policy to find cost-saving solutions by the most efficient means possible. We arrange the Michigan corporate relocation services that meet your needs and keep you on budget.

Palmer cannot emphasize enough its commitment to quality performance. Every move is monitored and evaluated through our customized "Quality Initiative Program" to give you:

The best agent, driver and crew service.

The best agent partnership selections

The most comprehensive customer follow-up

Improved customer service

Palmer technology provides you with accurate, timely reports on every move we manage. We will help you keep accurate records of every detail of every move. Palmer's online capabilities let you track each and every move from beginning to end and interface with your Palmer contacts and drivers.

The Palmer move process is a fully accessible and automated system that gives you:

Timely, consistent job tracking

Enhanced project management capabilities

All necessary support and relocation information

Outstanding performance and customer service

It is important that you choose a relocation partner who not only follows and properly implements your relocation policy, but one who does so with a human touch. Every relocation is different, and every transferee has their own special needs. We look at each move individually and provide unique assistance from start to finish - no cookie cutter solutions here!

Don't have a formal relocation policy? We can assist there too! Our unique assistance applies to our Corporate Clients as well! Our staff can assist you in a wide range of relocation programs and tailor each one to your company's needs with our Michigan corporate relocation services. With Palmer Moving and Storage, our commitment to customers by providing the best Michigan employee relocation services is unmatched.

Corporate Relocation - Pre-move Counseling

At Palmer Moving & Storage, each and every move we handle begins with a call from one of our highly trained Customer Service Representatives, usually within minutes of your notification to us of an upcoming transfer, to begin the process of personalizing a relocation plan just for them.

Each transferee has a dedicated counselor who will manage each step of the relocation process.

Our initial contact with your transferee will include:

Confirmation of any details provided to us such as address, phone, etc.

Discussion about any planned dates for the relocation.

How we will coordinate their move - if local to us we'll schedule an appointment to have a              representative visit them - if out of area, we will tell them who to expect a call from to perform an in-home survey of their household goods.

Details of the client's current residence - can a truck get close? Stairs, elevators, etc.

Details of the destination - can a truck get close? Stairs, elevators, etc.

Any special needs or concerns? Children, pets, storage?

We discuss your relocation policy and the services they are entitled to.

Offer our contact information so they can reach us with any questions or needs they may have in the future.

We then follow up, in writing, with all of the details we gleaned from this conversation.

But it doesn't end there...

We keep in touch with your transferee EVERY STEP OF THE WAY, documenting our contact so every member of our relocation team is in the know, no matter when they become involved.

You're entitled to that information as well, that's why we provide you with a special computer login and password, so you can view the details of all of your relocations as they are happening.

Corporate Relocation - Reporting Services

As an agent for North American Van Lines, Palmer Moving and Storage is proud to offer our corporate relocation clients the following state-of-the-art reporting systems on your employee transfers.

Quality Index System

North American Van Lines developed the exclusive Quality Index System to view the quality of our services as perceived by our customers.

The Quality Index System is Web-based and contains the North American Van Lines customer survey results. This system measures all service providers in the area of packing, hauling and booking services and is available to all North American agents. Through this invaluable tool, we are able to identify areas that are important to you and your transferring employees in order to continually improve our services.

How does it work? An independent firm conducts customer satisfaction surveys on a minimum of 32% of all relocations within 72 hours of delivery. This survey asks a variety of questions that range from the initial point of contact through final delivery as well as allowing the customer to offer detailed comments. The data collected is downloaded directly into the Quality Index System so that we can continually monitor, measure and improve customer satisfaction.

Key elements of the system are:

Web-based and available to all our agents and employees.

Used as the basis for selecting our quality award winners.

Quickly and easily identifies area of outstanding service as well as areas in need of improvement.

Focuses on the details our customers find important to ensure we are providing the finest quality of service available.

Creates reports that allow our National Account customers the ability to view the quality of service their employees are receiving at any time.

By simply entering the origin or destination zip code, all agents within a 50 mile radius of the location are identified and ranked by quality.

The Quality Index System is unsurpassed when it comes to quality and was specifically designed to identify the customers perception of what makes a relocation successful.

Quality Performance Rating

The North American Van Lines QPR (Quality Performance Rating) System assigns drivers a rating of 1 (best) through 10 (worst). Their QPR rating includes individual performance with customer satisfaction scores, claims frequency, claims severity, and on time pick-up and delivery performance.

If the driver is held responsible for any loss or damage to a shipment, the QPR rating is used to establish his/her participation in the final claims costs. If a driver has a good quality score their percentage of responsibility for the claim settlement is lower.

Corporate Relocation - Policy Consulting

You'll find no cookie cutter solutions here - we believe in developing a relocation policy that meets the needs of both your corporation and your employee, while at the same time maintaining a cost effective method of relocation.

More than just a statement of what you're willing to pay to transport the household effects of your employee, a well rounded policy includes provisions for:

Household Good Relocation

Storage of Household Goods

Transportation of Vehicles & RV's

Special Relocation Needs - Pets, Elder Care, etc.

Spouse Employment Assistance

Group Move Management

Relocation Expense Tracking

Area Cost of Living Differentials

Temporary Housing

Short Term & Long Term Storage

Home Sales & Marketing Assistance

Home Purchase Services

Property Management

Mortgage Assistance

These are just a few of the topics that can, and should, be covered in a complete corporate relocation policy. Why not meet with us and find out how we can help put our more than 90 years of relocation experience to work for you!



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